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The Meg was directed by Jon turteltaub and Stars Jason Statham as a marine diving experts who must face off against a Megalodon a prehistoric shark 70 feet in length that attacks an underwater research facility. So Jason Statham and his team of awesome people have to ban together to hopefully kill this thing before it reaches the shores. So Hollywood has been obsessed with sharks ever since Jaws in 1975, but Hollywood has taken a far more serious approach to shark movies as of late with movies like 47 meters down or the shallows. These were very serious films that were meant to be dramatic and very frightening and scary at the same time straight to TV straight to DVD or Blu-ray or video on demand shark films, like snow sharks Sand Sharks mega sharks octopus sharks. And of course the Sharknado films have embraced a more lighthearted, silly and self-aware approach and with the mag Hollywood has embraced this notion as well and thrown 150 million dollars. And Jason Statham at an incredibly silly shark found that I had a great time watching. This is by no means some incredible film that’s going to be remembered for years as some achievements but no one really expected it to be this film is pretty much exactly what I was hoping for a Shark film that knows what it is. That isn’t trying to be some serious Masterpiece.

It’s not trying to compete with jaws.

It has tons of Jaws references.

The film has just enough characterization to Make You Care particularly with Statham’s character. He’s tried to get people to believe that this thing exists for years at the cost of his own career. And so the thing resurfacing and him being like hey, I was telling you about that fucking shock.

You fucks.

I’m a fan of Jason Statham. I like him in tons of movies. I always find him a very likable presence and he’s no stranger to water England’s Jason Statham is full with three and a half somersault with tuck.

This role was definitely right up his alley and so there’s some fun to be had with the characters. There’s some confrontations that I actually enjoyed there’s an adorable little girl in this film that has some really fun interplay with Statham.

And even though the film does try to have a romance and kind of get you invested in other things.

I’m just waiting for the shark you could go and see the Meg and leave saying like wow that was so bad for so many reasons and you could really get invested in in hating this movie about a giant shark with Jason Statham or you can just accept what they’re going for and enjoy the ride, but I do have one major complaint.

I feel like this film really would have benefited from a rated. Our rating Eli Roth was originally going to direct the film and he wanted a rated R rating and the studio wanted PG-13 and while there’s there’s tons of like shark blood and other animal deaths and stuff and some human blood. This film could have been a lot more entertaining and even more tongue-in-cheek if there was more Gore involved which would have been a far more entertaining film, but that’s really my only real complaint here beyond the obvious. It’s a 1990s movie without a doubt this film belongs in 1997.

If it came out in 97, it would have started Nicolas Cage in his prime Conair mode and it would have been a blast and people would talk about how much they like it nowadays. If you really want to get serious about the 70-foot shark movie The characterization could be so much better. Some of the performances are weak. A lot of the characters are just your stereotypical versions of other characters. We’ve seen the rich guy who owns the place who jokes every once in a while and and they make him be like this really Larger than Life character.

You have the side characters that are there just to tell jokes the little girl. Meant to be adorable the the woman who’s there clearly just to be a romantic interest, but she can do some stuff too. And then you have your Expendable people who are obviously just meant to be eaten. I mean you understand how it works. It’s just that this film is more entertaining than others because it also understands how silly it is and Embraces that and in so doing I had a really good time watching the Meg. I’m going to give it a b if you enjoy watching silly shark films on VOD or on the Syfy channel, but you were hoping that Hollywood would make one with really good visual effects and a high budget and Jason Statham.

Well, you’ll probably enjoy the Meg but certainly do not go into the film expecting some Masterpiece because you’re going to be disappointed, but I really don’t think anyone’s going to guys thank you so much as always for watching, please look forward to more reviews very soon. And if you like this you can click right here and get stuck been iced.