Men In Black International

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Men In Black International is directed by F Gary gray and stars Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson and is a spin-off with the previous three men in black films. We’ve seen before beginning with that. Excellent first film that I have loved ever since I saw it back in 97 and in this film a woman named Molly played by Thompson believes that aliens exist. She has believed her entire life ever since she was a little girl and saw two men in black agents neuralyzed her parents. So instead of being recruited by them. She actually finds them eventually teams up with Agent H played by Chris Hemsworth to try to save the world from the scum of the universe. The MIB films are strange to me because I love the first movie. I think it’s one of Will Smith’s best movies. It’s super clever extremely well directed and yet both of the sequel’s didn’t do much for me at all. You could say that first film is kind of lightning in a bottle but there’s actually a lot to that Universe they created and they could have done so much with it. We have these two characters that have a likable charm to them and we’re going to throw them in these weird scenarios and Will Smith will make jokes and Tommy Lee Jones. We’ll look at him with a deadpan stare. They just kept doing the same thing over and over again in the third one. They did the same thing again. They just had Josh Brolin play. Tommy Lee Jones has character for most of the movie. So when they announce that for the very first time in this franchise has history a new director was going to be taking over the reins with new characters F Gary gray a filmmaker. I greatly admire Friday Set It Off Straight Out of Compton Italian job all of his films have energy even some of his lesser films like be cool. They all have a vibe to them. They all feel like they move and so I was really looking forward to seeing a new voice and a new vision come into this franchise and hopefully enliven it with new characters speaking of those new characters. I will just say upfront Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson are the best part of this film. They work together marvelously clearly. They have a great rapport with one another they were together in Thor Ragnarok and Avengers end game. They’ve worked together before their chemistry is awesome. They rip off each other beautifully and they easily This movie watchable they are by far the best part of the film in the all-too-brief scenes that Emma Thompson is in she’s wonderful and I wish she was in this entire film because this is another Men In Black movie.

If I didn’t know that F Gary gray directed this film I would have no idea. I would just assume that Barry sonnenfeld directed it again, as I was watching the film I could not tell that there was a new Fresh voice involved with this franchise. It just felt like yet another a my be film possibly the worst one. I mean Men in Black 2 is not that good but at least it has Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones and that magnetic chemistry and it has that great scene where Tommy Lee Jones is in the post office and and Will Smith has to wrap to the various aliens. It’s a great moment. I love that scene. Probably the best scene in the whole movie this movie didn’t have anything like that.

My biggest problem with the whole film is the humor.

It’s just not very funny.

It falls flat.

So often my audience was almost completely silent throughout the majority of the film and Time’s worth is a very funny actor who has proven that he’s a gifted improvisational comedian as well in his roles in Ragnarok and end game and you can definitely tell that he’s trying to tap into that here and he’s always likable. He’s never bad. It’s just that whatever material they had to work with was just so weak and from scene to scene it almost feels like the movie is making up itself as it goes along. I never really felt like the film had a propelling plot it centered around this one device as usual but it doesn’t really do much to the story and the villains in the film are these guys that can mess around with matter and they were just really boring they barely spoke in the entire movie and they were just there to be evil CGI guys for a movie like a might be International to work. It had to feel different it had to feel revitalized which is what I thought they were attempting to do by switching everything up but it’s just yet another film in this franchise that feels so like the others but without Did any of the wit and what’s so strange is as I said earlier F. Gary gray has filmography is filled with movies that are really energetic and vibrant.

This is a super low energy movie my best compliment that I can give a my be International is that it’s Breezy.

You could have it on in the background when it’s on Netflix like when you’re not paying attention to it.

And is that where we are in 2019 with Cinema?

The best compliment that I can give this gigantic movie is that it can be on in the background and not irritate you or people that Sony just like putting their hands over their eyes taking a dart and throwing it at a dartboard that had images of their various franchises.

They owned and said, oh man in Black. Yeah. We’ll try another one of those. I’m gonna give Men In Black International see – so we’re three sequels into that original film and we have yet to get one that is as good as that film and I don’t think it’s ever going to happen