Watch Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw (2019) Online Full HD Streaming

A technologically advanced and self-proclaimed Superior Group are hell-bent on unleashing something called a snowflake as gonna wipe out all they deem inferior in the human race. Like I don’t know if they’re supposed to be social media allegory in here, but it’s it’s easy to see right is that just me fast and furious presents Hobbs and show that is a long title for this video. So Hobbs and Shaw is the Fast and Furious spin-off starring Hobbs. Everyone’s favorite likable cop and sha everyone’s favorite killer of Han. That’s cool. Now, I guess know basically there’s a super virus gonna get okay, it’s not going to get any more believable as I explain the plot, but I’m going to it’s ridiculous. Yeah, Idris elba’s the bad guy. He’s going to unleash the super virus and Hobbes and shower the to her going to stop them. Yep.

It’s that ridiculous. But it’s also that fun. First of all Jason Statham in the Rock the to they have good chemistry. I know I call him the rock. I will always call him the rock every time I call him the rock. I feel a few people in the Action being all Hank Schrader like yeah, he’s not a rock Murray. He’s a Dwayne Johnson. I get it. I but I’m just always gonna call him the rock but he is so good at being the big brute muscle Jason Statham being the Sleek McCollum. Sexy dudes got style is got finesse Charisma. That’s what we’re going for. But they both have Charisma to polar opposite badasses having good chemistry with each other just the banter back and forth right there a lot of bickering lot of banter a lot of trying to one-up each other a lot of dick jokes literally lot of phallic references in this one. Yeah that told you about my dick you don’t know him but it is a Megalodon. He doesn’t say that there are few references to their other works in this movie couple great cameos to like what in particular the ones who recruit Hobbs and Shaw.

Would you realize the movie they’ve been in together is fun. It’s all right. They have good chemistry. There’s a pretty sweet. Villain Idris Elba, Idris. Elba has been in plenty of bad movies, but he’s never the bad part of those bad movies not saying this movies bad. I’m just illustrating the power of the Idris save it a line here. What does he say some like Armageddon schmarvard Garden or something like that? I was like that is a man who knows the exact movie. He’s in that everyone can pull off the villain has dialogue in this movie, but he totally does somehow just in the action sequences. I was thoroughly entertained you have to suspend disbelief. You can’t logic this movie but the movie sets you up for that when I call bullshit when a movie Just crosses the line of unbelievable T it all comes down to the world the box that it set itself up with and if it steps outside of that starts becoming too unbelievable you realize hey I call bullshit this movie lets you know out the gate what you’re in for you’re in for a ridiculous time a fun time a kick-ass time, but you can’t logic it. You just you have to suspend your disbelief. If you can do that. You can have your Olympus Has Fallen style fun time at the movie actually is very much the same both are kind of they’re throwing back to a fun 90s action movies that aren’t always made in today’s day and age now everything has to be super realistic and on one hand. I do appreciate that and the other hand I miss the Ridiculousness of the 90s. I like it when a movie can throw back to that the first half of this movie is the most unapologetically fun time. I had in the movie theater in quite some time. I’m pin at a point about halfway through it became a little choppy.

I felt like there were 15 minutes on The Cutting Room floor that I just they’re gone. Now. I didn’t see him like with every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. Right? I feel like I saw the reaction but didn’t see the action that led to that reaction something happened in there. And now we’re here this movie deals with family. It is sweet. I can’t say it’s in line with the momentum of the first half of the movie by the end. I really enjoyed Hobbs and shot. There’s a kick-ass 90s action movie that was made 20 years later than it probably would have been cycling a video game throws back to the Retro days like Axiom Verge and Shovel Knight those games that throwback to old school games, but enjoy and even take advantage of the technology we have now to make a bigger experience. Either way. I dug this movie like Fast and Furious it evolved. It was one of those smart franchises. That was like, oh we can’t just be Point Break forever. We have to evolve into something more and it did now is taking us here and I didn’t expect this spinoff to be as entertaining as it was but it was great chemistry between the leads Kick-Ass fighting exciting Chase sequences and just throws caution to the wind when it comes to ridiculous.