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Deadpool 2 Full Movie

Deadpool 2 Full Movie

Deadpool 2 once again Stars Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson The Merc with the mouth who this time around is bringing together a team known as the X-Force to try to help save a mutant kid who’s in danger of being killed by the time traveling mutant cable played by Josh Brolin because this is apparently his year. I’m a massive fan of the Deadpool character as well as the first film. I thought that was a very straightforward simple extremely exciting hilarious subversive comic book movie and one that I had been wanting to see for a very long time, but the director of that film has left the franchise and the second film is being held by The Man Behind American blond and tons of incredible Hollywood stunts for many years. He’s known for crafting extremely great action scenes and Deadpool 2 is filled with him. This movie is a blast to watch in regards to action. That’s for sure in particular a white knuckled chase scene in this film that Rivals the highway chase that started the first and as per usual With the Deadpool character. This film is very very funny tons of jokes, not all of them land as usual with a comedy but most of them do because this character is so endearing despite being so loud mouth and annoying but this film actually does something. I didn’t expect it. Definitely tries to bring Deadpool down to earth a little bit. It explores more of Wade Wilson and less of Deadpool we get some pretty extended sequences where he’s not in his costume dealing with some issues that happen and it definitely makes him a more compelling character with a deeper side to him but I suppose my biggest issue with the film if I were to pinpoint one. It’s that sometimes that humanizing element with Wade Wilson comes off as an attempt to give us an excuse to create the X-Force which will then lead to more franchise possibilities because in the first film one of the things I loved about Deadpool was that he was so against teaming up he was just his own guy there. Nobody else like him. He didn’t want to start teams or you know, become part of the Avengers or become part of X-Men.

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He just wanted to do his own thing. And in this film they have to kind of tweak that a little bit because they want to go forth with the X-Force possibilities. And so they are able to find compelling ways of making Wade Wilson Seymour like a person and making him seem more open to those possibilities, but it sometimes does come off as they’re turning the screws a little bit to try to serve the franchise capabilities that Deadpool now has considering how successful the first one was, but I have a feeling that most people aren’t going to look at the film that way and they’re probably just going to enjoy seeing Deadpool team up with other people the way the X-Force is promoted in the trailers. You just see like shots of Terry Crews and Domino.

I did not expect what happens and I loved it.

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There’s a sequence in this film that is so out of left field. I truly had no idea it was coming and I thought it was extremely Hilarious this movie does a really good job of subverting expectations while also being a little bit of the same.

Sometimes the film can feel like leftovers from the first it doesn’t always feel like we’re seeing something particularly fresh or new especially with the main plot involving protecting a boy from a futuristic killer.

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We’ve seen that before in Terminator 2 and so, you know, there are aspects of the plot that felt a little recycled Brolin as cable is incredible. He’s one of my favorite parts of the film. I wish there was more of him for the first half. But once he does show up he adds so much but at the heart of this movie, they’re trying to explore a relationship between Wade Wilson and this kid played by Julian Dennison who I thought was excellent in Hunt for the wilderbe people and here he has a lot of opportunities to really shine and sometimes this relationship can be a little confusing. I feel like on second viewing it’s going to be so much easier to just sit back and enjoy and it will probably improve a little bit but on first viewing it felt kind of hard to Keep up with because the kid changes his mind way too much. But those are the kind of thoughts you’re having as you’re watching the film and once you get to the end and you kind of understand more about his backstory, then those problems kind of just fade away. So expect to maybe be confused about his position the things he’s saying or doing a little bit but it becomes more clear as the film goes on and at the same time he’s an adolescent boy. So obviously his emotions are going to be going all over the place, especially once you uncover his past and so it’s not really an issue in the long run for me is just something that I noticed while watching it that was definitely improved towards the end. So the action sequences are phenomenal it’s a very funny movie. It’s just that sometimes the emotional core can be just a little Halo especially with a scene that occurs towards the end that just didn’t really land for me. It felt just a little too much. I kept waiting for Deadpool to make fun of it, but he didn’t and so that means they were actually really trying to go for it and it just didn’t quite work for me the Small side of the movie is there it’s just it wasn’t earned as much as I would have liked it to be all that being said this film has the best and credit sequence. I have ever seen stick around for that shit because it is worth it. Deadpool 2 is a very fun movie. I had a great time with it and I want to see it again. I have a feeling it will improve on multiple viewings, but it’s not quite as great as the first film to me the first film just felt a little more straightforward and more tight.

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This film has more that it’s trying to do and sometimes it can feel like it’s going in multiple directions and those directions don’t always come together.

But as a Deadpool fan, I’m satisfied.

I thought it was a lot of fun and I’m excited to see it again. I’m gonna give Deadpool to Abby guys.

Thank you so much as always for watching. I apologize that I wasn’t able to get this review up at the same time. Everybody else was I need more time to work on my reviews nowadays because of my schooling and that’s causing some scheduling issues and making Things a lot more hectic than they were before

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