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Black panther full movie was directed by Ryan coogler and stars Chadwick Boseman and Michael B Jordan and an amazing cast of characters and tells the story of t’challa played by Bozeman who’s about to be crowned king of wakanda a secret City in the middle of Africa that’s completely shielded that’s thriving and yet no one knows about his existence and what at first seemed like a responsibility he could easily step into he eventually learns there’s a lot of hardships with being a king of this nation and a lot of problems arise when his kingship is challenged by kill Monger. I was excited for black panther for a lot of reasons, but specifically because cooler directed it. I really like Fruitvale Station and I thought Creed was one of the best films of the past few years for a seventh film in a franchise to be that good and the fact that Ryan coogler is basically my age is hugely inspirational to Young filmmakers out there. It’s so cool that someone who is my age has already done what he’s done in Hollywood.

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His future is so bright sand. Proves that he is once again a very good director with this film. He’s 3 for 3 now black panther is a really good time. I had a blast with it.

However, I do not think it is a Flawless film and we’re going to talk about some of the issues I have with the movie that being said there’s a lot to praise and I’m very excited about the fact that this film did not just make another Superhero Movie Marvel didn’t just take this material and say okay we’re going to make a movie where some people fight and stuff blows up. There’s a message behind this film and one that’s very relevant the best Marvel movies. Thus far have all been like that for instance Winter Soldier is not just about Captain America fighting the Winter Soldier. It’s about war it’s about the differences between freedom and fear and what the implications of that could mean for humankind, which is one of the reasons black panther stands out is special because this is also not a movie about characters just fighting it’s a film that has very relevant social commentary sure. There’s a lot of action sequences and stuff goes boom and there’s cool. Of the gadgets, but I also don’t like when a film preaches to me. I don’t want to go to a movie and necessarily be taught a lesson that the film assumes. I didn’t already know which is why I was so relieved to find out that this film’s commentary relies on the characters in it looking inside themselves.

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The characters in this film are really thinking about their viewpoints and what was wrong about their lives or their Nation before t’challa took the crown because almost all of t’challa’s development relies on him realizing the sins of the previous generation and how he can make them better.

It’s not just about walking into this perfect Nation where his kingship is unchallenged and everything is thriving an amazing.

It’s actually about how damaging his previous generation was and all of the problems that came from that this is not something I expected. And by far my favorite aspect of this movie is how these characters eventually get to the point where they are looking at themselves and trying to figure out how they can make their lives and their friendships and the world better as a result. And a lot of that has to do with this film’s villain. It’s one of the reasons why Michael B Jordans character kill Monger is so damn good because his appearance in this universe is what starts this needed change for this nation and although he’s a villain and he’s doing things like killing innocent people and you look at him and you think no I don’t agree with that.

You can almost side with kill mongers beliefs because you understand where he’s coming from. He’s someone who wasn’t raised in this protected shielded environment. That is wakanda.

He was raised in the United States He dealt with all of these problems as a youth and now as an adult he standing there like hey, you guys have all of this technology.

Why aren’t you sharing? Why aren’t you helping everyone else and these characters have to stand back and think about that. And that’s one of the reasons why kill Monger is such a great villain beyond the fact that Michael B. Jordan gives a charismatic performance.

That’s one of my favorite Marvel villains thus far and the best since Loki the reason his bill in is so good is because just like all great movie villains their appearance in the film is what causes the heroes to look within themselves and realize their weaknesses the worst villains in films are the ones that are just there are evil guys and you got to stop them because they’re going to blow up the world kill Monger is not like that. He’s the type of person who comes on the scene and it’s like I have these beliefs and I hope you all understand that there are totally relevant. I might be kind of evil and I might be killing innocent people but listen to what I have to say and they do and it’s one of the reasons why kill Monger such a great villain. So beyond the Thematic issues that are prevalent in Black Panther. I also like a lot of the behind-the-scenes stuff Kubler. Once again enlist the same composer from Creed who makes a fantastic score. I loved in particular the percussion the color in this Movie is vibrant.

Everyone in the city of wakanda has amazing costumes.

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It’s a gorgeously shot movie. It looks incredible and wants to childless starts to look within himself and realize the change that has to happen. I thought Bozeman did a really great job leading up until that he’s a very kingly presence.

He purposefully does not have a lot of Charisma necessarily, although he is really great in this role. The character of t’challa is one of the most intelligent in the Marvel Universe and he carries himself that way he’s not an asshole. He’s not some cocky annoying guy likes a doctor strange or Tony Stark. He’s an extremely intelligent person and that can make some of those earlier scenes with him feel a little bit dull because you’re waiting for him to realize some things because from the very beginning of the movie you recognize that eventually some development is going to occur within this world and once it starts to occur the film becomes very interesting leading up until that Though the film does feel unfortunately a little bit like your normal superhero movie which was something that was a disappointment for me. Yeah. I do have some flaws of Black Panther and where they get into some of those now, this film is surrounded by an almost impenetrable hype to the point where people who say anything negative about the movie It’s almost like a crime the very few rotten reviews that are on Rotten Tomatoes ended up trending on Twitter, which is just crazy, but I’m someone who reviews movies and naturally I’m going to try to do my best to be realistic about that. This film has issues. It felt like instead of hitting us right off the bat with some of the deeper issues in the film.

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They made a normal super hero movie for a while to get everyone else sort of into it which was disappointing. I wanted this type of stuff from the beginning. Yes. The opening scene is awesome.

And from the beginning I was pretty riveted but then it becomes a Marvel movie for a while. There is a chase scene involving SUVs.

That’s well done enough, but it just sort of feels in.

Quantrill there’s a lot of action scenes that are a little bit too dark and not quite as fluid as I was expecting from a director who made one of my favorite fight scenes in recent years in Creed that one take boxing match, but there is a point in this movie where the film absolutely changes and becomes a much more interesting film and it’s right around when kill Monger rears his head. Once again towards the middle also. That was a disappointment. I had he shows up in the beginning in a really cool scene and I was instantly hooked with his character and then he’s gone.

I mean, I’ve only seen it once but I would say he was gone for maybe 50 minutes to an hour almost and I was like where the hell did he go when he shows up. I was almost like oh, I forgot he was in the film. I loved his villain so much this movie needed a lot more of it. There were also some CG elements that looked unfinished.

There’s a shot early on when to Charla is about to receive his crown and he looks up at a Cliffside that is filled with people of various.

Tribes of wakanda and they almost look like copy and pasted elements that were just put on the frame.

It looked unfinished and it was just that one shot. I would have been like okay, whatever but they show this Cliffside many more times and each time. I kept thinking that doesn’t look real. There’s a climactic fight towards the end that begins with a shot that looked like it was right out of Spider-Man 3 with a 2 characters falling down tumbling over each other in the sky and then they fight in a very dark cavernous area and they have very dark suits on and it was hard to see what was going on and look like a lot of CG.

This was a major disappointment of a final fight for me. A lot of people will probably be fine with it.

But pushing that aside what’s really honestly amazing about this film. Is that looking back on it? I am not thinking about the action like I do with some Marvel movies. I’m not thinking about all of those cool epic moments.

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I’m thinking about the things that shape these characters into Who they become the things that affected them the aspects of their life that caused them to have the beliefs they have so I have to commend black panther because it stands out as a superhero film where I’m not thinking the most about all of the superhero stuff. I’m thinking about the characters.

I’m gonna give black panther a B+.

I’m buying the Blu-ray. I’m going to see the movie again in theaters, but it’s not a film without flaws and I think it’s important that we are able to discuss those flaws without fearing repercussions because the hype as I said surrounding this movie is impenetrable.

It’s almost like it’s wrong to say anything bad about it. But in the end it is a movie made by people and it’s got a few issues, but I really enjoyed myself and I think most people will too guys